Join us and live an amazing experience with cambodian children.

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The experience you can do with us in Cambodia will have a big impact on your life. You will spend amazing and intense days with the children, doing different activities, such as workshops, construction works and of course a lot of games full of special emotions.

Our mission is to involve special travellers who want to give and receive affection from the kids surrounding us every day.

We will work together on the current projects, developing the new ideas that might come up and fighting for a better future for our children.

We are looking for motivated people to help us transforming the Viva La Vida Cultural Center into a magic place. Every day there are different things to do here, that’s why we need you!



What can you do

We started building the center the 27th October 2017 for now we have finished the volunteers’ house and the chicken and vegetables farm. The school and the football camp are almost ready to start, we are fixing the playground to let the kids play in the center, we started to work on the rubbish project and we have other projects in mind for the future.

For now you can do daily construction work, maintenance jobs, like taking care of the garden and the animals, doing some educational workshops with the children, following the current ideas and proposing yours.

You can help us as well with social media, making videos describing our work to promote us, collecting money for the children, studying new systems to finance the project… Let’s tell the world what we are doing here to receive support and inspire others to make projects to help children and adults in need!

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How to work with us

Ours is a small project, that’s why it’s not complicated to work with us! We promote an ‘easy and friendly’ atmosphere, trying to make your stay special and unforgettable.

If you come to volunteer with Viva La Vida, you will see with your own eyes what we do and you will understand how you can contribute to the ongoing projects.

In our center, located 12 km from the city, we renovated a traditional khmer house, where our volunteers sleep, eat, share intense life moments with the children and fully experience the real local culture.

The dorm can host maximum 7 volunteers and we have a common kitchen where we share a daily magic atmosphere.

The minimum stay is one week and the price depends on how much time you will stay with us: for less than 14 days we ask for 9$/day, for longer stays 6$/day. The price includes the accommodation, 3 meals and water. The money you pay will cover the daily expenses and is managed directly by the volunteers to pay the electricity bills, water, food, local builders’ salaries, property rent, material to do workshops with kids, house maintenance and to assist the children we support.

If you want to live this special adventure with us, fill out the volunteer questionnaire with the requested information on this link.



Info about Cambodia and how to reach us the Viva la Vida Cultural Center.

If you want to live this special adventure with us, fill out the volunteer questionnaire with the requested information on this link.


  1. Angelika Brunn 8 febbraio 2018

    I want come to you at 18.2.2018 for some weeks. I love children and small baby’s. I meet an Italian man and he tell me so nice from your house. I see a video with baby. How many small child do you have?
    My visa endof 18.2.2018 in Thailand and than I want visit your children house. Is it possible?
    I am lucky to help a little work in your family .
    Many regards

  2. Sharon Saerens 15 marzo 2018


    In function of our research to organizations who are using crowdfunding, we are contacting your company.

    We are five Belgian students studying event and project management in our last year. For our thesis we are looking for successful crowdfunding campaigns organized for children by non profit organizations. Our principal “Stichting Embrace” is an organization like this and they are helping children in need in Gonder (Ethiopia). To help even more children in more countries they need more funds.

    To be of any value to our analysis, the companies must meet following requirements:
    – The company is a non-profit organization.
    – The company organizes crowdfunding campaigns.
    – The company is committed to children.
    – There are no paid members of the team, only volunteers.

    If this sounds like your business, would you care to contact us back? We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards

    Sharon Saerens
    Student of Arteveldehogeschool Event & Projectmanagement

  3. Masson Christelle 8 giugno 2018

    Hello, I would like to know in what City of Cambodia is this organization Viva la Vida Family
    Thank you!

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