A place to connect sports and education.


Since the beginning football has been the common "language" between us and the children of the small village Phnom Thmey, a essential tool for comparison and integration. One of the dreams of these children was to have an area equipped to play football and it was therefore natural for us to have it as an objective in the Viva La Vida Cultural Center.

Our mission is to carry out a program of education, training, respect for rules, companions and opponents through sport and especially through football.

On Sunday, May 13, 2018 we inaugurated our football field and it was a great celebration day, for all the inhabitants of Phnom Thmey, from the youngest to the oldest.

We dream of finding a football team, to create a connection that will allow us to complete the work of the Coconut Stadium and expand the football program professionally and consistently, creating a real academy. It will not be easy but it is not impossible. For the moment we are trying in every way to make the most of this project and we are already very happy with the short time results.

Football Academy

From the inauguration day, our football field has become an amazing attraction. We have realized the dream of many children and we are using it for an special education path.

Thanks to the volunteers we started a program connected to the school and every afternoon there are regular training sessions for the two teams of children aged between 12 and 19 years.

Since August 2018 we have created another team with the girls and also for them the Coconut Stadium is a special place to learn a sport that in Cambodia in recent years is becoming as popular as in European and South American countries.


Football Tournaments

If during the week we consistently perform three hours of daily training, on the weekend our pitch turns into a real stadium.

The football tournaments are now a regular event that take place in the Coconut Stadium with different teams from the surrounding villages and from the orphanage of Kampong Cham.

The tournament for children aged 15 to 18 is the most popular, but now even with the little ones and with the girls, every game becomes exciting and around the field the number of spectators is growing more and more.

Sunday Funday

We talked about a football field, training sessions and the dream of creating a real academy but in our Coconut Stadium another special activity is creating a magical atmosphere.

It is not yet a fixed activity but when we manage to organize the 'Sunday Funday' in Phnom Thmey, there are endless emotions. Obstacle races, running with bags, pulling the rope, poisoned ball and many other games that organize our volunteers.

A beautiful day involving more than 100 children of all ages who challenge each other in different teams. A special activity that with time will become a serious project that we could also take outside our center.



How to contribute to the project

You can help in many different ways:

  • Buying the book Controvento or donating in our webpage.
  • Organizing events in your city, such as dinners, aperitifs, concerts, sale of items, lotteries or anything to raise funds. Contact us if you are interested!
  • Coming directly to Cambodia to volunteer! In this way you will see with your own eyes what we do and you can contribute in a practical way to our projects.
  • Spread the word!Share the project with your facebook friends or participate in crowdfunding events that we periodically open in response to the needs of children
  • You can adopt the center by paying a donation every month that will allow us to manage the projects in progress and to continue the projec(read more)