The volunteers' house.


Thanks to the donations of our first crowdfounding, we transformed an old degraded Khmer house into a comfortable accommodation for volunteers. The heart of the center is active 24 hours a day, new ideas and projects are born, and many friendships are established.

We found this house in poor conditions, we renovated it, we built a bathroom and bought the furniture for the upper floor; then we made a concrete floor in the garden, built and furnished two other rooms, an office and a fabulous kitchen that every day becomes a meeting place for volunteers and children.

It was essential to build such a place for the right management of the center.

The volunteers

The support of the volunteers is fundamental for the management of the works and the activities but this place is also an excellent solution for the self-sustainability of the center.


We can currently host 5 volunteers, each paying a fixed daily fee and thanks to these donations we manage the functionality of the house.


A local lady takes care of the kitchen and the volunteers together with the children carry out all the daily tasks, like cleaning, take care of the garden and any kind of maintenance work.


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Discover our volunteers  by clicking here.


How to contribute to the project

You can help in many different ways:

  • Buying the book Controvento or donating in our webpage.
  • Organizing events in your city, such as dinners, aperitifs, concerts, sale of items, lotteries or anything to raise funds. Contact us if you are interested!
  • Coming directly to Cambodia to volunteer! In this way you will see with your own eyes what we do and you can contribute in a practical way to our projects.
  • Spread the word!Share the project with your facebook friends or participate in crowdfunding events that we periodically open in response to the needs of children
  • You can adopt the center by paying a donation every month that will allow us to manage the projects in progress and to continue the projec(read more)